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A simple CMS

      ___|             ___|  \  |  ___|  
     |      _ \   __| |     |\/ |\___ \  
     |     (   |\__ \ |     |   |      | 
    \____|\___/ ____/\____|_|  _|_____/  

    CosCMS is a CMS with multiple export options (pdf, docx, epub, mobi, and more), and also a framework for building web applications. It is small and quite simple, so it should be easy for single persons, freelancers, and small teams to use.

    Intended to use, administer, and extend with modules (web- and shell modules, and templates). For developers it is easy to export websites as simple profiles - which then can be build using the shell and git, and also put in a new repo for easy distribution.

    You will need PHP >= 5.5, Apache, and a MySQL database.

    Tested with Apache2 on Debian systems, and Windows. Also tested with heroku, and google app engine, PHP built-in server, and more. You should be able to make it work anywhere.

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